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Veolia incinerator not "climate positive" or "better than landfill"

In the final week of the Hampshire County Council public consultation period for Veolia's proposed incinerator near Alton, the No Wey Incinerator campaign has responded to some of the public claims from Veolia about how the facility will be "climate positive" and "better than landfill".

No Wey Incinerator spokesperson Ben Stanberry told the Alton Herald that "to be truly 'climate positive', the incinerator would need to result in negative greenhouse gas emissions. Veolia's own analysis demonstrates this is not the case".

He also said that carbon emissions experts employed by the No Wey Incinerator group had found that there was doubt over Veolia's claims that the incinerator would be "better than landfill" in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. "Over its lifetime of at least 25 years, there is considerable doubt as to whether the development will indeed be better than landfill, which aligns with the government's comparative greenhouse gas modelling of incineration against landfill".

To read the full article click on the image below.

To make your voice heard in the public consultation for Veolia's planning application, you need to object now. Hampshire County Council's public consultation closes on 14th August.

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