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Veolia Fire Calls Incinerator Plan into Question

This week's Basingstoke Observer features a two page spread on the fire at Veolia's recycling facility near Alton, which has raised important questions regarding Veolia's plans to build a massive commercial incinerator on the site.

Veolia have a long history of fires at their facilities, including at Veolia Marchwood in August 2016, Chineham in August 2016 and 2019, and another fire at Marchwood in September 2020. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service have expressed concerns about the risk of fire water run off into the River Wey from the new facility, and Veolia's proposals include a fire water tank that is 90% smaller than recommended.

NWI said "given the applicant's fire record, this development has a high risk of catching fire during its lifetime and causing contaminated fire water to pollute the Principal Aquifer and the River Wey. This risk, combined Veolia's continued attempts to "greenwash" facts about the incinerator, has further added to public distrust of the company's claims".

To read the full article, click on the image below.

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