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Veolia asked more burning questions

Hampshire County Council have issued a fourth "Regulation 25" notice to Veolia, seeking further information for their planning application for a giant commercial incinerator in the rural Wey Valley near Alton, the Alton Herald reported this week.

The Regulation 25 process is used to gather more information from an applicant when they have not provided sufficient data to enable their planning application to be decided. This notice covers technical questions regarding air quality and ecology.

Veolia responded to the notice within 24 hours with detailed technical information. The No Wey Incinerator team are evaluating the data and liaising with our consultants on possible responses.

The "Regulation 25" notice triggers another public consultation period until 5th July, but given the technical nature of the questions and responses the NWI group have advised supporters that they will contact them if further public responses are required.

You can read the full article in the Herald by clicking on the image below.

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