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Thousands Say "No" to Veolia Plan

This week's Alton Herald highlights the thousands of members of the public who have objected to Veolia's plan to replace the recycling facility near Alton with a massive incinerator burning commercial waste.

At the time of writing the article, more than 1,000 had lodged official objections, and Hampshire County Council was more than 10 days behind in putting objections up on their website. The full objection count will be published on the NWI website as soon as it is known, along with the report from the consultants employed by No Wey Incinerator to closely examine Veolia's application.

To read the full article click the image below.

While the official public consultation period closed on 14th August 2020, Hampshire County Council may still accept representations from the public. To find out how to do so, click here.

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