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No Wey Incinerator welcomes HCC's "probing questions" about Veolia plans

The No Wey Incinerator campaign group have welcomed news that Hampshire County Council is requiring Veolia to provide a significant amount of further information to support their planning application, to replace the current municipal recycling facility in a rural location near Alton with a commercial incinerator burning waste from across the south of England.

HCC have issued two "Regulation 25" notices requiring further information from Veolia, with a third to follow, about the need for an incinerator, Veolia's failure to consider any alternative sites, ecology, air quality and the carbon impact of the proposed development.

This was reported in the Alton Herald newspaper, with spokesperson Ben Stanberry saying "We are pleased to see Hampshire are rightly sceptical of Veolia's statement the incinerator would not attract waste from far afield. Veolia should be more open and transparent with the public. It cannot be right to exploit a beautiful rural location to profit from burning the waste of towns that are many miles away in other counties."

If Veolia provide the information that is required, it will be the subject of a further public consultation. The No Wey Incinerator group will keep concerned residents informed if this is the case.

To read the full news article, click the image below.

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