No Good Reasons for Incinerator, say NWI

This week's press includes an article from the Alton Herald highlighting that there are no good reasons why Veolia's proposed commercial incinerator should be placed in the rural Wey Valley. Spokesperson Ben Stanberry said that the waste company's reticence to consider other locations despite the "clear unsuitability" of the site had left "thousands of local residents feeling angry and dismayed".

Hampshire County Council made clear in their September 2019 Scoping Opinion that planning law and council policy required Veolia to compare this site with reasonable alternative sites for an incinerator. The NWI group say that Veolia has not made a "fulla nd proper assessment" of alternative locations, choosing Alton simply because they already own the site.

The further consultation period on Veolia's proposal is open until 15th February 2021, and No Wey Incinerator are asking supporters to OBJECT AGAIN to the proposals.

To read the articles and letters, click on the images below.

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