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Letter to Herald newspaper exposes Hampshire recycling failures

Peter Goodman from Farnham wrote to the Herald newspaper with a letter entitled "The Wey Incinerator smoke and mirrors" - pointing out that EHDC does not recycle many plastic products, such as food trays - items that are recycled in other boroughs such as Waverley, Peter's home area.

Hampshire is already well down the "Lets Recycle" league table of local authorities, and if an incinerator is built in the Wey Valley, this is unlikely to improve - there is evidence that areas with incinerators have lower recycling rates than those who don't - because there is a warped incentive to burn more waste, rather than recycle it.

Peter also makes the point that Farnham will also suffer from the pollution "fallout" from the plant.

Read Peter's letter here (PDF) or click the image below, and sign up to our mailing list to be informed when you can object to Veolia's incinerator planning application.

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