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Hampshire states "no need for incinerators" - to Dorset County Council

Campaigners against Veolia's proposals for a massive commercial waste incinerator in the rural Wey Valley near Alton have highlighted an official study that states that no new incinerators are needed in the South East, this week's Alton and Farnham Herald newspapers report.

They have also been asking why Hampshire County Council officers sent this study to Dorset County Council - who have a planning application for yet another incinerator in Portland - while at the same time continuing to consider Veolia's incinerator proposals at Alton.

The report, commissioned by the South East Waste Planning Advisory Group (SEWPAG), of which HCC is a member, says that there is no need for further incineration capacity in the region, and that if further incineration capacity is built, there is a risk that the region will not meet the national 65% recycling target by 2035.

NWI campaigners asked why HCC appeared to be discouraging applications by other operators - both at Portland in Dorset, and an application by Wheelabrator at Barton Stacey in Hampshire that HCC objected to in December 2019 - but continues to consider the application by its own waste contractor Veolia.

In response, a spokesperson from HCC claimed the findings highlighted by NWI were "misleading, and selective", despite being part of the advisory group that commissioned the report.

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