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Hampshire needs more recycling, not four incinerators

New data from Hampshire County Council illustrates that Hampshire has far exceeded its target for providing waste recovery capacity, including incinerators, and fallen far short on its provision of recycling capacity.

HCC's draft 2020 review of their Minerals and Waste Plan shows that almost double the required amount of recovery capacity was authorised in the period 2011-2020, and only around a third of the recycling capacity required.

This was highlighted in an article in the Alton Herald this week, with No Wey Incinerator spokesperson Ben Stanberry saying "Hampshire already has three incinerators, all operated by Veolia, so why does it need a fourth?". "No wonder we are languishing in 197th place out of 345 local authorities in Defra's recycling league table. The more we incinerate, the less we recycle or reuse."

The consultation period on Veolia's responses is open until 15th February 2021, and No Wey Incinerator will contact supporters with further information on how to respond via theirwebsite, mailing list and Facebook page.

To read the full article click the image below.

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