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East Hampshire District Council objects to incinerator plans

This week's Alton Herald newspaper features an article highlighting East Hampshire District Council's "strong objection" to Veolia's proposed redevelopment of the existing recycling facility near Alton into an incinerator.

EHDC case officer Nick Upton said "The development would undoubtedly have a significant change on the appearance and character of the site and local area. The extent of development proposed across the site and its excessive height would have an extensive physical presence on the land and introduce an abrupt form of development into this area of countryside".

The article also mentions a judicial review being sought on the "staggering" levels of CO2 from waste incinerators, contrary to the UK government's CO2 reduction targets.

To read the full article click the image below.

While the official public consultation period closed on 14th August 2020, Hampshire County Council may still accept representations from the public. To find out how to do so, click here.

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