Damian Hinds MP responds to George, aged 8, from Froyle, on the Alton Incinerator

George, aged 8, from Froyle, wrote to Damian Hinds MP about the Veolia plans to build an incinerator close to his home. If the incinerator was built, polluting the local atmosphere, George asked the Member of Parliament whether he would "need PPE to live here" and asked the Government to "protect the countryside for our future."

Damian Hinds, our local MP, replied, stating "I think [Hampshire County Council] should look at other places instead of this one" and that he will "keep in contact with the council and also make sure they know about the views of people who live nearby, like you".

Thank you George for raising this important issue with our local MP!

Read the response from Damian Hinds here or click the image below.