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County Councillors to Object Again

Hampshire County Councillors Mark Kemp-Gee, Andrew Joy and Adam Carew are quoted in this week's Alton Herald that they will object again to Veolia's planning application to replace the recycling facility near Alton with a massive incinerator to burn commercial and industrial waste.

Mark Kemp-Gee, Councillor for Alton Rural, said the further information supplied by Veolia "in no way diminishes the detrimental landscape effects of this very large incinerator and will be simply devastating on the Wey Valley and the setting of the South Downs National Park". Furthermore the plant would be "a major setback to Hampshire County Council's climate emergency pledge to reduce the county's carbon emissions to net zero by 2050."

Andrew Joy, County member for Alton Town, added "Veolia's response is long on rhetoric but critically short of any substance to mitigate, much less overcome, the overwhelming and destructive environmental and landscape impacts of the proposed development".

Adam Carew, Councillor for Whitehill, Bordon and Lindford said "our concerns to French waste giant's Veolia's gargantuam incinerator are emphatic and remain the same. This is still a monster industrial development totally unsuited to a beautiful rural Wey Valley landscape on the edge of the South Downs National Park".

The letters page of the Alton Herald also includes a letter from Farnham Town and Waverley Borough councillor George Hesse highlighting his concerns, along with comments from local residents objecting to the proposals, demonstrating the local strength of feeling against this development.

The further consultation period on Veolia's proposal is open until 15th February 2021, and No Wey Incinerator are asking supporters to OBJECT AGAIN to the proposals.

To read the articles and letters, click on the images below.

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