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Chimneys visible from "Four Marks to Farnham"

This week's Alton Herald features an article highlighting the size and scale of Veolia's proposed commercial incinerator near Alton, in the rural Wey Valley.

The No Wey Incinerator campaign continues to review the additional documentation provided by Veolia in their "Regulation 25" responses to Hampshire County Council, but spokesman Ben Stanberry made clear that "this enormous development, with its 80-metre high chimneys belching flue gases which will be visible from Four Marks to Farnham, could never be described as enhancing the character of our idyllic landscape".

The consultation period on Veolia's responses is open until 29th January 2021, and No Wey Incinerator will contact supporters with further information on how to respond via their website, mailing list and Facebook page.

To read the full article click the image below.

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