Campaigners rubbish incinerator claims...

This week's Alton Herald features an article in which claims made by Veolia about their planned incinerator near Alton are challenged.

Veolia's claims that jobs will be created are refuted, the production of hazardous waste is highlighted, and the visual impact on an area from Farnham to Four Marks is highlighted.

Accompanying the article is an extract from the planning application showing the visibility of the site, which will be visible from over 10km away in places.

Click the image below to read the full article.

To view detailed images of predicted visibility of the incinerator, you can view the 5km radius PDF or the 10km radius PDF. These documents are from Veolia's planning application and show the plant will be visible over 10km away in places, even after taking into account foliage cover. The plumes from the chimneys would increase visbility even further.

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