A meeting was held on 12th March in Froyle Village Hall to discuss the forthcoming planning application from Veolia to build an incinerator at the site of the current recycling facility. 

The major concerns raised centred around the visual impact of the 40m tall building and 80m towers (the current building is 15m high); the effect on air quality and the local ecology; as well as major increases in traffic, noise, and light pollution. There would also be residue which would need to be buried. 

More than 130 people attended and after the meeting 85 people from Froyle, Bentley, Binsted, Neatham, Holybourne, Alton and Blacknest, registered to help fight the application.

The No Wey Incinerator Action Group has now been established to organise the communities’ response to the application.

No Wey Incinerator

We are a campaign group of local residents, businesses and farmers who want to protect our beautiful Wey Valley and our local ecology.

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