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Thank you for objecting

Hampshire County Council refused planning permission for Veolia's proposed incinerator on 23rd February 2022. There is no need to submit any more objections - this page is therefore retired.

Thank you for the 5,000+ public objections to Veolia's proposal to build a commercial incinerator in the heart of the rural Wey Valley. Every objection you wrote counted, and still counts.

Hampshire County Council has held four public consultation periods relating to information provided by Veolia over the past year and a half.

HCC will still accept further representations on the planning application up until it is decided. Objections and comments on planning applications are accepted from anyone, regardless of where they live. 

Veolia's Planning Application

You can view the full Veolia planning application for an "Advanced Energy Recovery Facility" (Incinerator) on HCC's web site. There are thousands of pages of documents.

Our expert consultants believe the following are the key points to include in an objection with respect to the latest information provided by Veolia "clarifying" their application. You can copy and paste these, or (better) refer to these points in your own words.

This planning application should still be refused, because:


  • HCC asked for Veolia to respond to the recently published World Health Organisations guidelines for air quality. Veolia's response only considers Particulate Matter (PM2.5) but the WHO guidelines refer to a range of pollutants. For example, Veolia has not responded to the WHO guidelines on NO2.

  • The Environment Bill, when passed, will commit to two separate air quality targets: a “long-term” target, and a target for PM2.5. Veolia’s response does not consider the longer-term target. The long-term target is being set in recognition that there is no safe level of PM2.5, and that any reduction in emissions will have a positive effect on health.

Landscape Impact:

  • HCC’s landscape department, HCC’s own landscape consultants Indigo, CPRE, and independent landscape consultants commissioned by No Wey Incinerator, all believe the impact of Veolia's proposals on the rural landscape is unacceptable.

  • The effectiveness of the proposed green wall is unproven, with comparisons made by Veolia with green walls in city centre locations, rather than in a rural location near Alton where HCC’s consultants state that the proposal ‘fails to mitigate the predicted Landscape and Visual effects.’

Need for the Incinerator:

  • According to the South East Waste Planning Advisory Group (SEWPAG), of which HCC is a member, if the national 65% recycling target by 2035 is met, there is already sufficient incinerator capacity built in the South East to meet residual waste needs.

  • Furthermore, if any of the additional 1 million tonnes of incineration capacity which has either been consented or applied for comes on stream (which includes Alton), SEWPAG believe there is a risk that the 65% recycling target will not be met due to waste being incinerated instead.

Climate Change:

  • The Government's Committee for Climate Change believe that Energy from Waste incinerators in the UK are now emitting more CO2 than coal-fired power stations, and have said that carbon capture and storage should be fitted to incinerators from the late 2020s, as soon as this plant would come into service. Veolia has not provided evidence that carbon capture and storage is practicable and economic on this small isolated rural site.

Waste Heat Usage:

  • Veolia has previously said a heat network will not be economically viable, and this has not changed. The inability to find heat customers is another demonstration of the inappropriateness of this remote location, at a time when the Government and the Committee for Climate Change are highlighting the need for incinerators to use heat as a high priority.

Conflict of Interest:

  • HCC has a close commercial relationship with, and is in the process of renegotiating waste contracts with Veolia. How can HCC ensure that this application is not only decided fairly, it is seen to be decided fairly, given this apparent significant conflict of interest?

If you wish to comment on other aspects of the application, be sure to only comment on valid planning grounds. The following are valid comments

  • visual impact on the local area

  • highway and traffic issues

  • noise and disturbance

  • smells and fumes

  • capacity of physical infrastructure

  • impact on ecology.

The following are unaccepted comments - do not include them:

  • impact on property values

  • loss of private views

  • factual misrepresentation of the proposal.

The full process for commenting on HCC planning applications can be found on HCC's web site.

How to Object

Remember that each adult in a household can comment on a planning application independently. Each will count as an individual objection.

What should your comments include?​

  • Your name, postal address and the application number 33619/007.

  • Be clear that you OBJECT to the application.

  • The reasons for your objection - see sample comments above.

How to register your objection:

  1. email referencing application 33619/007. If you wish, please also send a copy to

  2. write to HCC, referencing application 33619/007 at the following address:
    Strategic Planning
    Economy, Transport and Environment Department
    Hampshire County Council
    The Castle
    Winchester, SO23 8UD

Anything submitted to HCC will be publicly visible as a comment on their web site. Your name will be published, but your postal address and e-mail address will not. Do not include any personal information other than your name, e-mail address and postal address in your objection.

Past Consultations

Hampshire County Council has held four public consultations on information provided by Veolia in their planning application and subsequent clarifications:

  1. Until 14th August 2020, for the original planning application

  2. Until 15th February 2021, for further material provided by Veolia in response to three "Regulation 25" notices issued by HCC requesting additional information

  3. Until 5th July 2021, for a small amount of specific technical information provided by Veolia with regard to ecology and air quality.

  4. Until 29th November 2021, for further information on air quality, visual impact, heritage, carbon impacts and more.

Over 5,000 of you told HCC, and told them again: this development is unacceptable.

No Wey Incinerator have submitted representations from our consultants in each past consultation, which you can read here:


  • No Wey Incinerator's detailed objection from the August 2020 public consultation is here (PDF)

  • No Wey Incinerator's detailed objection from the February 2021 public consultation is here (PDF)

  • No Wey Incinerator's detailed objection from the July 2021 public consultation is here (PDF)

  • No Wey Incinerator's detailed objection from the November 2021 public consultation is here (PDF)

Thank you for your support!

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