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The public consultation period for Veolia's planning application ran from 3rd July to 14th August 2020.

After this period, you can still submit objections, and Hampshire County Council may consider them if they relate to "material planning considerations" - all the points below are considered as such.


Objections and comments on planning applications are accepted from anyone, regardless of where they live. 

Veolia's Planning Application

You can view the full Veolia planning application for an "Advanced Energy Recovery Facility" (Incinerator) on HCC's web site.

Objecting to the Application

Watch the video below, or continue reading to find out how to object.

The advice of our consultants is that the following statements are all valid objections to the planning application. Please use them as guidance, putting your objections in your own words.

This is the wrong location for an incinerator because: 

  1. The site is less than 1 mile from the South Downs National Park boundary: the scale of the proposed operation with 80m chimneys and higher plumes will have an impact on all who live and work here and enjoy the area.

  2. The development will have a significant adverse visual impact on this isolated rural area. There is no room on the site for natural screening with local planting.

  3. There is no replacement recycling facility approved locally. Incinerating more waste goes against the Government's "Waste Hierarchy" and will discourage recycling, which should be the priority.

  4. Waste developments should be situated near the sources of waste: this location will mean 58,000 annual HGV movements bringing commercial waste from miles away, and removing outputs, including hazardous waste.

  5. The incinerator will also generate wasted heat, which the application shows is not commercially viable to reuse locally.

  6. Why have Veolia not considered any alternative sites?

  7. Burning commercial waste will create thousands of tonnes of pollution in the local area and goes against decarbonisation commitments. 

If you wish to comment on other aspects of the application, be sure to only comment on valid planning grounds. The following are valid comments

  • visual impact on the local area

  • highway and traffic issues

  • noise and disturbance

  • smells and fumes

  • capacity of physical infrastructure

  • impact on ecology.

The following are unaccepted comments - do not include them:

  • impact on property values

  • loss of private views

  • factual misrepresentation of the proposal.

The full process for commenting on HCC planning applications can be found on HCC's web site.

How to Object

Remember that each adult in a household can comment on a planning application independently. Each will count as an individual objection.

What should your comments include?​

  • Your name, address and the application number 33619/007.

  • Be clear that you OBJECT to the application.

  • The reasons for your objection - see sample comments above.

How to register your objection:

  1. email planning@hants.gov.uk referencing application 33619/007. If you wish, please also send a copy to info@noweyincinerator.com.

  2. write to HCC, referencing application 33619/007 at the following address:
    Strategic Planning
    Economy, Transport and Environment Department
    Hampshire County Council
    The Castle
    Winchester, SO23 8UD

Anything submitted to HCC will be publicly visible as a comment on their web site. Your name will be published, but your postal address and e-mail address will not. Do not include any personal information other than your name, e-mail address and postal address in your objection.

The public consultation period for Veolia's planning application ran until 14th August 2020. You may still submit objections, and Hampshire County Council may still consider them.

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